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Code of Conduct

Islington Rangers SL is focused on providing a positive playing environment for our players, coaches, match officials and spectators/parents/caregivers.

The Code of Conduct is strictly enforced by the Club. Failure to abide by the Code of Conduct may result in ejection of a coach, player, or spectator/parent/caregiver by match officials. The severity of the Code of Conduct breach or repeat offenses may result in temporary or permanent suspension from the Club.

Players, coaches, match officials and spectators/parents/caregivers:

Please be aware that you:

  • may observe players in designated areas on the side of the field of play;
  • may provide only positive encouragement to players on the field;
  • must at all times be respectful to the other team, match officials, coaching team, players and other spectators/parents/caregivers;
  • must never enter the field of play under any circumstances unless permitted by the match officials and the Head Coach;
  • must refrain from any verbal or physical abuse of any nature with match officials, the coaching team, players and other spectators/parents/caregivers;
  • must raise any comments or concerns FIRST to the team Head Coach (please wait 24 hours before addressing the coach, as appropriate).
  • Note: The Head Coach is only permitted to speak to the match officials at half time and/or at the end of game.
  • If the response of the Head Coach is deemed unsatisfactory, you are encouraged to contact the Club at


If you witness an incident during the season that you feel contravenes the Codes of Conduct, we encourage you to follow the above guidelines. The Team Head Coach and/or Club will work with you to address the matter.

Following investigation of the incident and Team Head Coach and Club response to your enquiry, if you still feel that the matter has not been satisfactorily addressed, you may notify the Toronto Soccer Association by submitting a "Respect Report."

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Together we will build a positive playing environment.