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Islington Rangers Soccer Club has set the following guidelines on refunds with regards to registration fees for our youth sports programs.

1. Should the season have delays or interruptions, we will extend it to the end of September.

2. If we play 80% of the total amount of games and practices as scheduled no credits will be issued towards future programs.

3. If the season is cut short or cancelled altogether, everyone receives a credit of remaining sessions towards future programs.

4. Please note no refunds will be given after February 1, 2022.  At this point you have committed to the season and have taken a spot from another child.  Only the league can authorize a different player to take you child's spot, an administration fee will be associated with this action.

5. In order to request a refund, a written email should be sent to with a detailed explanation for the request, this must be dated before February 1, 2022.


Islington Rangers will follow all guidelines issued by the Government of Ontario, and our municipality in regards to COVID-19 protocols and procedures.  If soccer games are put on hold due to directives issued to Islington Rangers by the Government of Ontario we will evaluate other options to keep the players engaged, this may result in increased practices or training (in person or virtual) instead of games. 

If the season is cancelled completely a credit minus an admin fee will be kept on file and can be used for a future Islington Ranger program.


In the event that the child was medically unable to participate in the sport he/she had registered for, a note from a doctor on letterhead indicating that the participant cannot participate is required.

If a Parent / Leagal Guardian has requested a refund due to medical reasons prior to the start of the season (prior to the start of the first practice), they will receive a refund minus an administration fee.

The amount of money that is refunded is contingent on how much of the season has passed as well as the reason for the refund.