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12/01/2020, 7:15pm EST
By Islington Rangers




IMPORTANT NOTES-Please read carefully:


All registration inquiries must be submitted through email at:

Please include the following information:

1. Child's full name.

2. Date of Birth.

3. Contact Person and email.


Please see the refund/credit policy located directly on our home page.

REQUIRED Equipment: 

All players must wear complete uniforms to all games and practices.
Soccer cleats are recommended, but not mandatory.
Shin pads are mandatory.
Soccer cleats and shin pads are not supplied by the Club. 
Players must bring a fully pumped soccer balls to each practice. 

What will my child receive ?

Ages 5 – 10

Full soccer uniform (shirt, shorts, socks).
1 soccer ball.
Award or Trophy at the end of the year.
14-20 League Games (May-October) - Schedule Permitting
8-10 League Practices.
Championship Final Game.

Ages 12 - 15

Full soccer uniform (shirt, shorts, socks).
Award or Trophy at the end of the year.
14-20 League Games (May-October) - Schedule Permitting
8-10 League Practices, with Club Technical Coach oversight.
Championship Final Game.






Summer League Information: Please refer back to this website for up to date information regarding registration, season start dates, uniform pick-up, picture day, finals days, game cancellations and all other important information regarding the Summer League season.

Season start and finish:

Due to the potential stoppages of Covid-19, we will run an extended schedule beginning May until potentially October. 
The club will target a minimum of 12-14 games to be played.
However, we will schedule up to 20 league games on the initial schedule.
As we may potentially lose games to municipal shut downs and weather.
These games will not be replayed.

Game and Practice Nights / Fields:

Boys - games / practice on Monday and Wednesday nights.

Girls - games / practice on Tuesday and Thursday nights.

Actual game and practice nights and fields cannot be confirmed until May when schedules are finalized and municipal permits are issued

Game and Practice Times:

We are unable to confirm which days will be game days and practice days until permits are finalized in spring. Game times are variable at 6:00pm or 7:00pm over the season. Practices are at 6:00pm or 7:00pm at the same time each week. The earlier time slot is generally reserved for the younger age groups.

Field Locations:

Game and practice fields will be located in the central Etobicoke area – please see Field Locations (link to Google maps).