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Summer League Weather Policy

06/13/2022, 3:15pm EDT
By Islington Rangers SL

1. We will play in light to moderate rain provided it is warm outside.

2. Games and practices may be cancelled in advance by 5pm the day of, due to emergency weather or field conditions via Teamsnap APP.

3. Games will otherwise go ahead as planned, and will only be cancelled at the field of play by the referee and coaches.

4. When bringing your child to the field during inclement weather, it is imperative that they are there with a parent or guardian in case of immediate cancellation.

5. Parents, ultimately you are responsible for your child and the time it takes to go to and from the field. If you are unsure if the game or practice will proceed, you can make the decision to stay home that day.

6. If 75% of the game has been played prior to stoppage due to weather or field conditions, the game will be considered complete and the score final.

7. In extreme heat or humidity, referees will give players mandated additional water breaks.

For more information, please refer to the Canadian Soccer Association Lightning Safety/Severe Weather Policy:

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